Sorry about the downtime

If you tried to visit this site yesterday or today, you’d have found it was down. The Tales of Paul Twister isn’t the only thing I host on this account, and apparently my host ran an automated scan that found that something I used to run and haven’t touched in about 5 years got hacked at some point, and so they locked down my entire site because that apparently makes me a dangerous evil malware-pusher or spammer or some such thing. It’s been resolved now, and I’m back online.

Between that and reading the new Dresden Files book, I haven’t gotten much work done on the new chapter, but those are both done now. (I’m a fast reader.) The book was really good, and surprisingly enough, it did not end with some new horrific thing tearing Harry’s life, or the lives of his friends and loved ones, apart even further, which left me pleasantly surprised after the last few. So the new chapter should be up fairly soon.

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  1. Mizu

    Good to know the new Dresden Files book lives up to the series. I’m planning on reading that eventually, so its nice to get a recommendation 🙂
    Your host sounds like it overreacts a lot, considering what happened. Wouldn’t they check dates and when the page or whatever was last online?
    What else do you host?

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