The Tales of Paul Twister is a series of stories about a young man from modern-day Seattle who ends up somehow getting trapped in a magical world.  Having grown up in a technological society, he really has no useful skills, but the one thing he does have going for him is the ability to break magic by touch, which he calls “the Twist.”  In between trying to help raise the kingdom he’s found himself in to a higher level of scientific knowledge–which isn’t nearly as easy as it tends to be in the stories he’s read–and looking for a way back home, Paul tends to get hired by people who need him to use the Twist to nullify some magic for some reason, usually as part of stealing something.  This gets him into all sort of trouble, of course…

The first book, The Lay of Paul Twister, begins here.

The second book, The Fate of Paul Twister, begins here.

The third book, The Return of Paul Twister, begins here.

The fourth book, The Voyage of Paul Twister, begins here.  This book is currently in progress.

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