Terms of Use

There’s not much in the way of terms here.  Just enjoy the story!  A few points, though, regarding comments:

  • Keep it clean.  If you’re going to post comments, nothing R-rated please.  Otherwise, it’s likely to get deleted.
  • Keep it civil.  You’re free to disagree with people (including me) in the comments, but be reasonable and nice about it.  Flame-warring will result in deletions.
  • By posting any comment, you grant me a perpetual and irrevocable license to use the content you posted in any way I see fit.  This isn’t for me to use to be a jerk, to rip off your ideas or anything like that; it’s mostly just to protect me so that someone doesn’t post some idea that matches what I was going to do anyway, and then once I actually write that part, they show up with a lawyer and try and claim credit for it.  If someone does post a good idea that I hadn’t thought of, and I end up using it in a story, I’ll credit them.