Anyone out there with 3D experience?

First off, I’m almost done with the new chapter.  It should be up tomorrow.  Thanks for being patient.

A few months ago, I mentioned that I got an opportunity to work on some new technology that has the real potential to make some serious changes for the better in our world.  We’re hoping to have an announcement about it pretty soon, but for the moment, all I can really say is that things are going well and it’s looking like we have a good chance to pull this off.

We’re looking to put together a VR-based demo for the public over the space of the next month and a half or so, and that’s why I’m posting this.  We need more people with experience with 3D level design, preferably on the Unity 3D engine.  (This is not for a game; there will be no enemies, powerups, puzzles, etc, but we’re using an FPS engine to run a walkable virtual world.)

If anyone out there has worked on FPS engines before and would be interested in contributing some time and talent, please use the Contact page to get in touch with me.  (I hope there are enough geeks in the audience that I’ll find someone with the right skillset.)

Coding experience would be very helpful.  This would be a work at home thing, on your own time, and would not interfere with your current job.  The downside is, you would not get paid for it, although you’d probably earn stock options on the project, which could be *very* valuable a few years down the road if we actually pull this off.

So… yeah.  Back to finishing up the next chapter.

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  1. Wayne Kartchner

    I do not have 3D experience. I do have experience with Microsoft SQL Server and reporting. I’m getting pretty good with C#. If you need any of that please let me know.

    I have really enjoyed your book so far and plan to buy your new book when it comes out in e-book format.

  2. Sebastian Gonzalez

    I some have experience as 3d artist (modeling, texture and riggin) the programs that i use are 3dmax, autodesk maya, blender and zbrush if i can be of help contact me to my e-mail

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