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It should surprise exactly no one around here that I’m a big fan of CW’s series The Flash.  A while back, Aylwyn got me to watch Arrow, which I’m a bit ambivalent about.  It’s an interesting overall story, but a lot darker than the Green Arrow comics on which it’s (somewhat loosely) based, and in from the beginning they turned Oliver queen into a highly unsympathetic vigilante thug.  He basically starts off as a bad Bruce Wayne knockoff but with less compunctions (read: none) against killing the bad guys.  He’s been slowly improving since then, but I really think the best thing to come out of that show was the spinoff series The Flash.

The Flash is so different in tone from Arrow that it’s kinda tough at times to believe that they’re both products of the same creators.  This version of Barry Allen reminds me of Peter Parker at his best: a more-or-less ordinary guy who gets superpowers dumped in his lap and does his honest best job to use them for good and be an actually heroic hero, no matter how much his costumed existence interferes with the rest of his life.

They set The Flash up with a special episode of Arrow in which we’re introduced to Barry Allen, who happens to learn the Arrow’s identity and becomes friends with the team because plot-related reasons, and at the end he gets struck by lightning and doused in lab chemicals, which gave him his powers.

Well, they’re doing it again.  Last night’s episode introduces some new characters to set up the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow series, and I have to say, I really enjoyed this episode.  And there was one scene in particular, towards the end, that I totally loved.  Not going to say which one, to avoid spoilers, but readers should be able to guess.  (Particularly if you know that the character I personally relate to the most is Cisco.)

That’s all.  Just wanted to throw that out there.  The next chapter, “Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal,” should be ready pretty soon…

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  1. tijay

    Damn, can’t believe I’m caught up already

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